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Hacked by x-c0d3r

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Actualizado (Viernes, 02 de Julio de 2010 03:13) Escrito por Asociación de Amigos de la Música de Yecla Martes, 14 de Abril de 2009 17:44

Hacked By: speedCr4Ck'.




Dear Admin Just SHUT UP And listen To Me , It's right Your Security Was been Good in Fuck SiteServices But Can't Stopped Me I'm in the better : and You You are the people who own nothing. You only know how to work with computers due to some special teaching you are being given Don't Forget Any time x-c0d3r k Was here

Hacked By: x-c0d3r

Greetz to : All Albanian Hackers



[*] Were The Security Was Down
[*]----====[ x-c0d3r waS HeRe ]====----
[*] Fuck you Admin
[*] YeAh i gOt yOuR rOOt
[*] I'm Not Sorry Admin


We Never STop